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Bulgaria Received its First Shipment of Cinereous Vultures, Part of the New Project for the Reintroduction of the Cinereous and Bearded vultures

Nine Cinereous Vultures have been donated to our country by the Regional Government of Extremadura and the Regional Government of Andalusia. The birds come from the wild in Spain. They have undergone rehabilitation or treatment procedures after suffering various injuries in the wild. The birds have been fully recovered in various rehabilitation centers, and it has been considered that they are capable of surviving in the wild. They were transported to Bulgaria with the assistance of the Spanish organization AMUS and the Vulture Conservation Foundation.

This is the first shipment of vultures within the framework of the new project "Bearded Vulture LIFE" which aims to implement the final stage of the recovery of large vulture species outlined in the Action Plan for the Conservation of Vultures on the Balkan Peninsula (BVAP), created in 2002.

After the joint team of Green Balkans, FWFF, and the Birds of Prey Protection Society managed to reintroduce the Cinereous Vulture, as well as to restore the Griffon Vultures in the Balkan Mountains and Kresna, our next goal is to stabilize the population of the Cinereous Vulture and restore the symbol of Bulgarian nature conservation - the Bearded Vulture as well. The activities of the three Bulgarian organizations were supported by various international partners, followed by several zoos that donated birds or funds for the return of the species to our country.

The new project "Bearded Vulture LIFE" brings together the efforts of 8 partners from 3 European countries. The coordinating organization is the "Green Balkans - Stara Zagora" Association and the partners are the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, EcoObstnost Foundation, EVN – Elektrorazpredelenie Yug EAD, Severozapadno State Enterprise - Vratsa, "Sinite Kamani" Natural Park Directorate from Bulgaria, Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) from the Netherlands, and Milvus group from Romania. It is supported by the EC, with 75% of the funds, while the remaining 25% must be provided with public support for the return of the vultures.

Vultures are birds with exceptional benefits to society, as in their role as "wildlife sanitarians," they limit the spread of zoonoses among populations of wild and domestic animals, such as the fatal epidemic of swine fever. Vultures also completely dispose of carcasses of domestic animals, which are currently being disposed of by incineration, costing farmers and the economy hundreds of thousands of levs and significant environmental pollution.

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