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Family Solidarity

This is what family solidarity and gender equality looks like in the bird world .

These are graphs of the nesting behavior of the Cinereous Vulture nesting pairs and in particular of two of the pairs nesting in Kotelsko.

The couple Bagatur and Karakachanka cannot tear themselves away from their eggs. As can be seen from the graph, they are changed only every three days. This is not very typical for the species, but is in a new family.
See, the Balkan and Dobrudja pair are more agile and impatient, and change on the nest several times a day. 

We have this interesting data from the satellite transmitters on the birds' backs. Based on its position on the bird's back (landed/laid), as well as their location, we draw conclusions about their behavior in the wild. This is real espionage for the benefit of nature and rare species. It also allows us to monitor the birds, with a minimum expenditure of funds and above all without disturbing them, now when they are most vulnerable.

We remind you that this year already 20 pairs are nesting in the country, after the species returned to Bulgaria. This did not come easily and is due to nearly 20 years of work by Green Balkans, the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund and the Birds of Prey Protection Society, as well as the support of a number of partners and friends from many countries.

Our new project aims at returning of the Bearded Vulture, a symbol of nature protection in Bulgaria, by uniting the efforts of 8 partners from three European countries.

You can also help us in our efforts to protect the Vultures, for example by donating funds for satellite transmitters. Besides, such purely curious and scientific data, they are of utmost importance for the success of the reintroduction process. It is such transmitters that help us to detect in time if the bird is in distress and try to save it ( as was the case with the bird hit on the highway), or to prevent mass extinctions ( as was the case years ago in Kresna), which would have failed over 20 years of work ! Our common cause for the return of rare species is only possible with your support!

Contacts from Green Balkans:
Ivelin Ivanov - Project Manager "Bearded Vulture LIFE",
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