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First pair of Cinereous Vultures nests in Sine Kamani Nature Park

First pair of black vultures nests in "Sine Kamani" Nature Park!!! The result of nearly 30 years of work by our team.

Why this is a real event:
! A first Cinereous Vulture pair for the nature park, nearly 60 years after the species was considered extinct in the area.

! Contribution to the return of the species to the country, which began with nesting in 2021 and developed to 20 pairs this year (result of the work of Green Balkans, Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna, Birds of Prey Protection Society).

! The couple occupied an artificial nest made by Miroslav Enev, "Kartal nest" Foundation - our partners and like-minded people.

! One bird is Krushuna (PVC ring - NN), named by our volunteer Cornel Cotorogea, donor of funds for the transmitter.

! The second bird is from the wild population attracted by the vultures we release into the park. Proof that things happen as planned and the result of our efforts pays off.

! Good luck to the Directorate of the Sinite Kamani Nature Park, which has been making serious efforts for the return of species that have extinct from the Nature park for years. ! With this pair, those who have laid eggs become 10-11, and for such a rare species, each egg is priceless and gives hope for its return to the wild.

! A source of pride for the region.

We thank the Vulture Conservation Foundation, the Regional Governments of Extramadura and Andalusia, for the birds that ensure the return of the species to Bulgaria, to all partners and friends who support us!

We rely on all the citizens of the Sliven region and tourists in the park to protect the vultures - animals of exceptional benefit to nature and society!

Soon, we hope to bring back the symbol of Bulgarian nature protection - the Bearded Vulture - the last bird of the species was killed precisely in the Blue Stones. Why not start a new beginning right here!...

Contacts from Green Balkans:
Ivelin Ivanov - Project Manager "Bearded Vulture LIFE", mobile phone: +359887589995, email: