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Get to know the Cinereous Vultures - Dobrudja

This is Dobrudja. She is a female Cinereous Vulture, one of the birds gifted to Bulgaria by the Government of the Extramadura province, Spain, in order to reintroduce the species here. She was found distressed in the wild in Spain and was admitted to the Los Hronos Rescue Center in Olivenza. Subsequently, she underwent rehabilitation at the Spanish organization AMUS. The bird was handed over to us with the assistance of the Vulture Conservation Foundation. On March 3, 2021, she was brought to Bulgaria, to the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Center, after that  she was settled in an adaptation aviary in the Sinite Kamani Nature Park.

After release and initial exploration of the region, her first cross-border visit was to Romania, in Dobrudja, where she received her name from. Interest to say that  during the last week, Dobrudja traveled 1833 km in just 9 days, which is approximately 200 km per day, with a maximum flight altitude of 2788m. Dobrudja mainly wandered through Greece on a brief exploratory visit, then returned to Bulgaria - in the area of Sakar. Before that, she had visited Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

It seems that Dobrudja loves traveling. Is this a honeymoon (after other couples have already nested) or is she diversifying her daily routine in the absence of a partner? We will only find out soon...

Follow us for more information on the project's website, which aims to strengthen the restored population of the Cinereous  Vulture and reintroduce the Bearded Vulture to Bulgaria.

Photo: Cornel Cotorogeа

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