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Information materials for the day of the Black Sea and the Bearded Vulture

At the end of October, students from "Kocho Chestemenski" Primary School in the village of Dinkata were introduced to the materials about Kaya the Dolphin and Tonto the Bearded Vulture.

Thanks to their elementary teacher Dimitriyka Vuchkova, the students got to know the materials of Green Balkans. They learned about marine cetacean biology through the exciting story of Kaya the dolphin. They were prepared for the Black Sea Day, which we celebrated on October 31. They promised that they would also introduce their friends, brothers and sisters to the Black Sea inhabitants.

We also used the opportunity to distribute the Tonto Bearded Vulture booklet on the occasion of the start of the "Bearded Vulture LIFE" project. We hope that such informative materials to show how important nature's cleaners are to the natural balance and that there is a need to bring them back. We hope that in the next few years we will be able to return the last species of vultures - the Bearded Vulture, to the skies of our nature! That is why we are investing now in the environmental education of students, so that we have worthy defenders in the future.

Thank you for the cooperation of the entire management of "Kocho Chestemenski", Primary School in the village of Dinkata.

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