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Meet the Vultures of Bulgaria - Lyubomiren (В7Е)

Lyubomiren is one of our priceless vultures - hatched in the wild after we managed to bring the species back to the country.

He is last year's offspring of the Cinereous vulture’s pair that nested in 2021. in Ponor mountain and raised a generation for the first time in 2022.
In November 2023, Lyubomiren left the region of Ponor - NP "Vrachanski Balkan" and wintered in the Eastern Rhodopes. After the successful wintering there on 21.03.2024, Lyubomiren returned to the NP "Vrachanski Balkan" and often feeds on the feeding site above Dolno Ozirovo.

Today, the EcoObstnost Foundation team, part of the ”Bearded Vulture LIFE” project, fed the vultures in the area and managed to photograph him in flight from afar. In the photos below, you can see it also captured by the camera trap at our feeding site.

The joint work of civil organizations across the country creates a real network that supports the return of rare species. After the team of Green Balkans, Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna FWFF and the Birds of Prey Protection Society managed to return the vulture to Bulgaria, now the birds also visit the feeding grounds of Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds in the Eastern Rhodopes and the birds from the Rhodope Mountains visit our feeding sites in the Balkan mountain.

You too can support efforts to protect our unique natural heritage. Learn more how on the project website

Contacts from Green Balkans:
Ivelin Ivanov - Project Manager "Bearded Vulture LIFE",
mobile phone: +359887589995, email: