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Plamuk the Griffon Vulture has returned to Bulgaria

After being spotted in Uvac, Serbia in June this year the Griffon Vulture Plamuk continues his travels in search of friends and food.

Last week, he was spotted by the cameras in the area of Shopov egrek, Central Balkan National Park, and as you can see from the photos, he is in good condition.

Plamuk is a Griffon Vulture, hatched in our Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre - Green Balkans in Stara Zagora in 2021. He was then released in 2022. in - the area of Shopov egrek, National Park "Central Balkan", where it subsequently settled permanently until 30.04.2022, when it was registered there for the last time and then it was observed in June in Serbia.

Thanks to Ekaterina Ivanova and Plamen Noninski, for choosing Plamuk as their godson and supporting us in his care!

The Griffon Vulture Plamuk was released within the framework of a contract with the subject "Maintenance of a feeding site and adaptation aviary for large birds of prey in the CB National Park" from project #BG16M1OP002-3.007-0006 "Restoration and protection of natural habitats and species in the CB National Park".
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