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The Only Breeding Pair of Bearded Vultures in Bulgaria Have Laid an Egg.

After a series of twists and dramatic events, the Bearded Vultures at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre have laid an egg.

This breeding season has not been the calmest for the pair of Bearded Vultures at the Green Balkans Rescue Centre. Despite all the challenges, however, love triumphs, and the birds are now enjoying the egg laid just a few days ago.

It happens even in the best of families, as it did with our Bearded Vulture couple in our breeding program. At the beginning of the mating period, harmony between the birds was disrupted, and we observed a series of aggression and rejection episodes (from the female bird towards the male). The only solution to end the conflict was to separate the birds for a short period. This turned out to be the right approach, as immediately after being reunited, the couple rediscovered their feelings, and courtship resumed ;).

Thus, two months after the separation, the female laid an egg, for which both parents are now caring. Whether a second egg will be laid, we will find out very soon...

So far, at the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre, 11 young Bearded Vultures have been raised. Eight of them have been released into the wild in Spain and France, while three are in zoos (in Poland, Austria, and France) as part of the international species recovery program.

We thank our colleagues from the Vulture Conservation Foundation (VCF) for their advice, which has helped us achieve success for another year!

For additional information:
Andriana Dicheva, Coordinator of the Breeding Program - Vultures, Wildlife Rescue Center - Green Balkans - mobile phone: +359 877 999192