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Zoo Berlin has joined the Griffon Vulture Reintroduction Programme in Bulgaria

Zoo Berlin has donated 2 Griffon Vultures - Rudi and Berni, hatched and reared by them in terms of being released in the Bulgarian sky! The zoo was very kind to also cover all expenditures for transport – crates and shipment. Thanks for their contribution in restoring the breeding population of the species in the Balkan Mountains!

Vultures were placed in Green Balkans’ adaptation and release aviary located in "Sinite Kamani" Nature Park. Birds were marked with wing tags and colored PVC rings for monitoring after release in the future. Birds going to be released in nature next spring 2024.

The "Sinite Kamani" Nature Park Directorate organized a spectacular welcoming of birds with the participation of school students from

The Green Balkans team has closely observed birds’ behavior in the aviary and can confirm their successful initial adaptation: birds moved from ground roosting to the high perches roosting; interact with other vultures in the aviary - fight for their food; feed on provided food.

Everyone who has such an opportunity can support the program, including in obtaining satellite transmitters for better monitoring of adaptation after the release

Photo: Svilen Stamatov (BAT), "Sinite kamani" Nature Park Directorate, Green Balkans.

Green Balkans:
Ivelin Ivanov – Project manager; mobile phone: +359887589995; e-mail:
Simeon Marin – conservation officer; mobile phone: +359889223173; e-mail:
"Sinite Kamani" NPD:
Krasimir Tsutsov - Coordinator for the activities of the "Sinite Kamani" NPD by project; mobile phone. +359885824803