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Remarkable Surge in Griffon Vulture Population Sets New Record in Bulgaria
Following the winter census conducted by BSPB in the Eastern Rhodopes, where 323 griffon vultures were recorded, our team observed unprecedented numbers in the Eastern Balkan Mountain (Kotel – 93 individuals). The combined count across all four reintroduction sites in the country—East Balkan Mountain, Vrachanski Balkan, Kresna, and Central Balkan—reached a historic high of 197 individuals. This remarkable tally contributes to a national record of 523 griffon vultures, nearly half of the Balkan population (excluding islands) in countries like Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece, and North Macedonia.
Walk and Organized Observation of Griffon and Cinereous Vultures in Vratsa Balkan Nature Park
International Vulture Day, September 2nd (Saturday), aims to raise public awareness about the issues and the need for the conservation of vultures. Vultures have been revered by people since ancient times. Tireless scavengers and caring parents, these celestial rulers have captivated human consciousness for centuries, and today they are on the brink of disappearing from the face of the Earth.